VerbalVictor Smartphone App

Inspired by his son Victor, who has Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a condition that hinders breathing and motor skills, Paul Pauca has developed a smartphone app called VerbalVictor along with his computer science students at Wake Forest University.  The app is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

This app includes pictures of various tasks such as a cup or plate or favorite toy. Press the button and the app tells the parent or therapist what the child needs.  You can add more requests by taking a picture of the item and record a new sound.

VerbalVictor is yet another way that mainstream technologies can be used as assistive devices.  This drastically cuts costs because assistive devices can run hundreds, even thousand of dollars.  It also makes the user feel a lot less out of place.

Want to learn more about Pitt Hopkins Syndrome?  Visit the Pitt Hopkins Syndrome International Network website created by Pauca and his wife:

For more information about VerbalVictor and an interview with Paul Pauca:

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