Exceptionality Panel for Future Teachers

Today, I got the opportunity to be a part of a panel of people who have both physical and learning disabilities.  We shared our experiences with an education class who was interested in hearing from diverse perspectives.

I think this was a great idea.  Teachers and other educators need to be prepared for diverse learning styles.  As I’ve said here many times, often, someone is fully capable of reaching a goal.  They might just have to take an alternative route to get there.

Classrooms today are so much different than they were even when I was in school 10-20 years ago.  Technology is such a huge part of learning and makes it so much more interactive.  Not to mention the rise of distance learning.

There were several people with learning disabilities on the panel.  They talked about how they required different testing methods.  Some used audio, others needed more time.  But the common agreement was that learning needs to be more engaging.  Straight lecture doesn’t cut it anymore.  Teachers need to bring the students into the discussion and have them actively participate in activities.

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