Best Laptop for Someone with Low Vision

I am due for a new computer this year  I have it narrowed down to Lenovo Thinkpad or Mac Book Pro.  I’ve never had a Mac, but do have an iPhone and iPad.

Which OS is the best for someone with low vision in terms of zooming?  I generally have trouble with laptops because I can’t position the screen to a point where I can zoom to where I need to be very efficiently. My iPad solves this problem, but it just doesn’t have the computing power that a PC does.

Bigger screens aren’t always better.  I have one eye, so traveling from one end of the screen to the other can be annoying.  I need portability, which is why I’m going with a laptop instead of a desktop, which I currently have.

Suggestions welcome.  Other options in addition to these brands will be taken into consideration.

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