Google Plus Hangouts can now include captioning

A Google+ hangout is a video chat service integrated into the Google+ social media site.  It will replace gmail’s video chat option in the next year.

There is an app that can be installed when launching a hangout.  The installation instructions are available on the Hangout Captions website.

The app also includes a both CART and standard keyboard transcription options for those who wish to transcribe the hangout.  This is cool because transcriptions give the participants something to refer to at a later date if they need it.

I really haven’t had much opportunity to use a hangout.  It is just easier for me to use the chat service only.  The captioning and transcription option might come in handy for professional meetings and conference calls, as well as for social gatherings.

Overall, I hear that Google+ has some accessibility issues to work out, but I think it is getting better.  Captioning is definitely a step in the right direction for the deaf and hard of hearing.


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