American Sign Language interpreters on the rise

I’ve seen several articles this past week discussing the conclusion that ASL interpreters and other translators are in high demand.

Here’s the full article: Bloomberg’s sign-language interpreter points way to growing career.

The growing demand includes translators for other languages as well.  That is not a huge surprise considering that society is so connected globally.

Cochlear implants are redefining how the deaf interact in society, but many cochlear implant patients still use sign language. There is also a quite active Deaf community that prefers not to pursue a cochlear implant at all.  As long as these factors are in play, the demand for interpreters will still be there.

When I read this article, I thought, hmmm, wonder if cochlear implant recipients can be interpreters themselves?  Hearing technology is getting better all the time.  This could be a good opportunity to put ASL skills to use.  I think it also makes interpreters more relatable when they’ve gone through similar things first-hand.

In addition to interpreters, there are also text-based opportunities.  Twitter is a good way to convey information from conferences and discussions because it is quick, and a mainstream technology.

In the future, I think it would be cool to record and transcribe lectures in real time right on your phone or tablet.  I downloaded an app last year that was for this purpose, but didn’t really work very well. It is something that could be very doable in the future, however.




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