Benefits of everything “mobile”

Mobile is the word of the day in the technology world.  We’re constantly connected on a global scale.  We have the ability to work, make friends, play games, and even bank all from our phones, tablets, and computers.  It can definitely get overwhelming at times.

Wells Fargo just introduced mobile banking for personal banking customers.  This is huge for someone who can’t get to an ATM very easily.  I also tested the iPhone Wells Fargo app with VoiceOver, and was able to complete the task.  I would be interested to see how easy-to-use it is for people who don’t have any visual cues to work with.

Checking out ebooks from the library or Amazon reaches out to those who can’t make it to a physical library branch.  Amazon does have some work to to do in the accessibility department though.  You can always check out books on EPUB and read them on other devices.

I am grateful to work in a field that supports teleworking.  It hasn’t really taken off yet, but virtual library reference services is on the cusp of becoming a big deal.  You can ask a librarian a research, technical or circulation question right from the comfort of your computer or even cell phone.

Distance learning is making is possible to get a degree online.  There are also free online course sites such as Coursera that offer a variety of courses from prestigious institution including Duke University.

All of these examples are making it easier than ever before to perform tasks that previously required going o a physical place.  Keep in mind though, that unless accessible features are included, none of these options would be worth using.  So, let’s keep the advocacy going and help spread accessibility awareness.

Lastly, I just want to mention a letter that the AbleGamers Foundation wrote to Mercedes-Benz asking for a van.  They have a vision to create a mobile gaming lab to reach out to people with disabilities who can’t get to gaming conferences and events, or can’t get access to games that are accessible period.

Read the letter on their website, and if you have Twitter, tweet the letter and spread the word: Help Us Make this Vision Real.

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