Switched at Birth thoughts

Lately I’ve been catching up with Switched at Birth, an ABC Family TV show that features several deaf characters.  I’m really glad that TV show producers are taking the initiative to create a show that portrays people with disabilities, and describes some of the benefits and hardships deaf people have to face.

The show focuses on two families that have daughters who were switched at birth.  The families try to make sense of it all, and create a new life together.

I am almost done with catching up with Season 2, and so far, they have not said anything about cochlear implants except for a couple of episodes in Season 1, where it is described as a “permanent brain implant that will be life altering, and you can’t go back.”  Kind of makes it sound like a bad thing.  If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.  If you can’t handle the bump from the internal implant, get it removed.

I hope that in the upcoming seasons, this show will include characters with cochlear implants because that way, it will provide a more well-rounded view of the deaf population.  At the end of the day, when cochlear implant recipients turn off their processor(s), they’re just as deaf as those who don’t use them.

I do like that they have a character with Meniere’s disease.  Vertigo and dizziness is a much lesser known side effect of hearing loss.

Overall, it is a good show, and is helpful for providing awareness of issues concerning deafness.  It is a TV show, so you can’t expect it to be totally accurate.  Looking forward to the new season beginning on June 10th!

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